Best Commercial Embroidery Machine For Industrial Use

Review of Top Rated Commercial Embroidery Machine for Industry Professional. Latest Technology and Features With Buying Guide Are Included.

The embroidery business is one of the most successful commercial businesses of 21 century. It was worth over 850 million US dollars in the recent year 2024. Being a tremendous revenue-generating niche, naturally, there would be tough competition. Many people try to start an embroidery business at a commercial level, but lack suitable knowledge for picking up a suitable industrial embroidery machine. 

Nowadays, new fashion trends and styles have increased the worth of commercial computerized embroidery machines. With the increasing demand for embroidered stuff, the number of fresh entrepreneurs and business owners is increasing drastically. just knowing the ins and outs of the embroidery field won’t be enough for any up-and-coming entrepreneurs. New trends demand new designs which in turn change the architecture of embroidery machines. This has created an abundance of commercial machines.

For the sustainability of your commercial embroidery business. Your tools (Embroidery machines) should also be ready to meet the industry’s latest trends and demands. Your success hugely depends upon the quality and variety your machine can provide. To beat the competitive market, you need a good commercial-grade machine that can cope with the latest Software, provide large embroidery space, and must be fully capable of monogramming logos and symbols.

Best commercial embroidery machines reviewed by
Best Commercial Embroidery Machine For Industrial Use 3

Obviously, you can never be ignorant about the speed of your work. Generating mass Embroidery production required continuous working, which is usually more than 12 hours of non-stop embroidering a day. When a machine with all the above qualities comes with durability, it’s like a cherry on top. Finding such an ideal machine could be like a needle in a haystack. This is our very own definition of the best embroidery machine for commercial purposes.

Best Commercial Embroidery Machines

Due to our long-time affiliation with this field, we have vast knowledge and experience about different types of machines. We have collected valuable information by critically analyzing the functions offered by numerous machines. We also personally collected reviews from industrialists and business owners. Finally, we were able to list the top 5 embroidery machines that can provide you best experience in mass production.

We also thought about the successes of our readers, so a complete descriptive buying guide and brand comparison along with strategies to succeed is provided at the end.

Janome MB-4S

This is so far an ideal choice for any beginner who wants to commercial projects. it provides tons of features while costing just a chunk of the money that you usually need to set up an industrial business. it is an easy-to-use four-needle embroidery machine with a professional touch and a smart capability to work with all embroidery industry formats. it is completely compatible with hoops of different brands like Tajima etc.

At the commercial level, it’s usually said that “time is money”. this machine allows you to work on several projects simultaneously with its single head four needles. each needle operates at 800 SPM. it comes with extra-large bobbins that are almost 1.5 times larger than the normal bobbins. So you can continuously do more nonstop embroidery with this machine

If we talk about customization, this machine comes with a 5.7’’ Remote computer screen (RCS) that allows you to freely control, create, and customize the designs. Now you won’t get stuck in the customization process while working on big projects. RCS can control several machines at the same time that can save the budget of the controllers.

Embroidery machines are used almost in every part of the world. In the countries where there are voltage issues, this machine should be an ideal choice there. this machine operates on dual voltage, 80-240Volts

In the market, there is a need for variety and new designs. This Janome MB-4S is a versatile embroidery machine with 50 built-in designs, exciting editing options, and easy drag and drop feature that makes the customization stress-free. For adding variety and excitement for the designers, there are 2 and 3 letters monogramming options with 10 different fonts to create beautiful designs from the initials.

Key Features

  • Single head with 4 Needles
  • RCS 5.7” Computer Screen
  • Embroidery Field 9.4″ x 7.9″
  • 20 kg Weight
  • Supports. JEF, JEF+, and DST
  • Embroidery area tracing
  • Adjustable hoop positioning
  • Programmable Jump Thread Trimming
  • Automatic Thread Cutter
  • Stitch counter with stitch our timer
  • Thread brand selection


The Janome MB-4S Four-Needle comes with a metal jumbo bobbin and multiple Embroidery Hoops, including hat hoops, CD-ROM drive, and many other accessories.


The Janome MB-4S has the premium speed of the Embroidery sewing 800spm. you can simply multiply that with 4 so you can achieve a maximum of 3200SPM speed.


The Janome MB-4S has a 25 years warranty. Electronic equipment warranty less

The ideal buyer for this machine?

The ideal buyer for this machine will be the entrepreneur or a small business owner who wants durability and quality altogether in one machine with minimum possible. most of the designs consist of 2-3 colors it this machine will be able t do almost 75% of the overall industrial projects.

Bernina E16

With a history of about a century, the Bernina brand produces BERNINA E16 – 16 Needle Embroidery Machine. This machine comes with a multi-head exclusive feature that allows the embroiderer to do multiple embroideries simultaneously.

When novelty and new changes are needed, this machine proves to be the pioneer in it. This machine comes with the Bernina Software 7 that helps produce various designs, either existing or making your editable designs by Go Pro Designs about 1000 designs. And new embroideries with customizing monogramming ability this machine is pro of the field. 

We used this machine for large projects astonishingly with the Extra-large embroidery field, about 400 x 350mm, which allowed us to complete the large projects faster and easier. And brings a great help in hat embroidery as it serves as the biggest embroidery field of 36 × 8.2 cm for the caps industry. 

When we look for precision and accuracy, this Bernina machine comes on the top with the smallest cylindrical arm of the embroidery industry that makes it unique and improves the precision with the narrow areas to be done.

The Bernina E16 provides the overpowering experience with the GoPro Tension System that allows working smoothly, and this exciting system adjusts the tension according to the needs. The addition of the Laser Align System makes the embroidery work precise and error-free.

Key Features

Multi-head 16 needles

Extra-large embroidery field

Embroidery Hoop for Caps

Smallest Cylindrical Arm

16 Threads for Variety 

Go Pro Designs for diversity &  Automatic Laser Alignment

Built-in Tension System & Auto Thread Trimming

Built-in Bernina Software


The Bernina E16 16 Needle comes with GoPro accessories, including multiple hoops of different sizes, exclusive pocket frames, an optional cap driver, and a wide frame with other varieties of helpful material.


This machine comes with a blasting speed of 1400 stitches per minute, giving a powerful boost to the manufacturing process, making this incredible machine an actual commercial embroidery machine.


Bernina E16 comes with a 5 year of warranty that makes this machine a considerable option for commercial purposes.

The ideal buyer for this machine?

This machine is a truly commercial machine that persuades the business owner or entrepreneur that wants the variety and speed altogether for market penetration.

Melco EMT 16x

Melco EMT 16x is one of the best commercial embroidery machines with all the requirements and needs of the commercial market. This machine is a single and multi-head machine with 16 needles that comes with a powerful embroidery mechanism. It is indeed said to be the high-performance next-generation embroidery machine that has the latest MOS Melco Operating system that has a hub computer to manage different machines at one point.

Melco EMT 16x comes with the Acti-Feed Thread Control System that controls and manages the proper amount of the thread one machine needs. The proper Tension Control System helps solve problems of the manual management of the thread tension. In addition, Active Auto Thread Trimming makes this more effective and productive.

There are features like a small Cylindrical Low Arm that helps in the tight and narrow places and features like Laser Alignment to enhance the precision and accuracy of the embroidery designs.

Key Features

Single or Multi-Head 16 Needle

Auto trimming system & Acti-Feed Thread Control

Precise Laser Registration

Redesigned Thread Tube Assembly

New Grabber Blade to Secure Thread

Built-in Embroidery software

Adjustable Presser Foot

Small Cylindrical Lower Arm


Melco EMT 16 X provides exceptional accessories like a cap driver, gauge, wide-angle, and conventional, i.e., frame, two cap frames for hoop embroider. Melco Fast Clamp PRO allows embroidering of the animal collars. There are different hoop sizes for specific needs.


This machine has the best speed for the commercial-grade embroidery machine; it can go to 1500 stitches per minute, increasing the production process quickly.


Most of the time, the buyer asks for the warranty of the embroidery machine as it is not a one-day work. This machine gives a 6 years warranty that makes it a credible choice for the owners.

The ideal buyer for this machine

The ideal buyer for this machine is the one who is looking for a high-performance machine with new features and new technology that can last for a long time or can compete with upcoming technologies. For those who want to scale up the business, this is an ideal choice.

Tajima TMAR-V1512C

Tajima TMAR-V1512C is a powerful machine that is mainly related to credibility and Durability. This machine is a multi-head beast with 15 needles and 12 heads primarily associated with the embroidery of 3D foam and caps and the fibers made of materials.

Tajima’s this addition has a larger embroidery size of 450×360, and the size varies with the wide cap frame 75×360, semi-wide cap frame 83×180, and tabular frame 439×279.  

This machine has the perfect DCP or digitally-controlled presser foot that reduces the fabric fluttering – the condition that makes a piling or flipping of the fabric; DCP helps reduce this impact on thin, thick fabric or any leather.

There is enormous memory storage in the machine with a one-touch display that stores up to 40 million stitches or 650 designs with the LAN-enabled system that alleviates the use of USB or disks.

Key Features

Multi-head With 15 Needles

Sewing field 17.3 x 16.5 inches

Ready Barcode & Touch Operation Display

Automatic Thread Trimming & Thread Break Detection

Presser Foot  & Built-in Safety Beam Sensor

Bottom Cap Lock for Stability & Cap Stabilization Shaft

Cape Frame Driving Ring & Individual Cap Driver

LAN for Connectivity for Designs

Trimmed Needle Plate


A long list of accessories comes with Tajima TMAR-V1512C, including the hoop kit of round, square and large hoops and needles and frames with maintenance tools.


The Tajima TMAR-V1512C are equipped with the finest technology and parts that make this machine a professional machine with a high speed of 1000 stitches per minute, making the embroidery work faster.


Tajima TMAR-V1512C is a machine with high durability and performance, and this machine gives a warranty of 7 years for parts and systems.

The ideal buyer for this machine?

This machine is a traditional embroidery machine for business owners. A huge brand name and with acceptable specifications and helping features makes this machine an ideal pick for people looking for durability and performance.

Happy-HCR3 1506 

Happy-HCR3 1506 is the machine that represents the name of the Japanese brand that always creates durable and long-lasting embroidery products. This machine with a large embroidery size of the Embroidery size 450 x 360mm helps to create the bulk of the products. And embroidery size varies with tabular frame 320 x 320mm and ball caps 80 x360mm.

Happy-HCR3 1506 has the 10’’ touch screen LCD, which serves as the main feature of this machine. It serves as the interface to customize the design and shows the sewing information at a Glance. There is an option where you can place the most used application on the front. The memory capacity of Happy-HCR3 1506 is about 40 million stitches and about 250 designs.

This machine portrays Japanese nature by the quieter work environment; servo drive technology helps to work quietly and smoothly.

Key Features

Multihead – 6 heads 15 Needles

Embroidery size of 450 x 360mm

Large 10″ touch screen panel

Automatic Error correction

Built-in Software & Smooth Servo Drive

LAN- Network For Connection & Built-in USB Port for Designs

40 million stitches & 999 designs

250 colors per design & Automatic color change

Automatic Applique stop


This happy series addition comes with a complete set of different size hoops for cap embroidery, full cap sewing equipment with different frames, and a toolkit option with manuals and details.


The speed of the Happy HCR3-X1506 machine varies for standard embroidery and cap sewing, the maximum speed of regular embroidery is 1100spm, and for cap, it’s a little less as 1000spm


A commercial entrepreneur always looks for a warranty before picking an embroidery machine, and this Happy HCR3-X1506 comes with a limited-time warranty of  5 years.

The ideal buyer for this machine?

Those who are new to this field always ask for durability, quality, and ease of use. A buyer that wants technology and durability in a single machine, this is for them. These machines are for a long-term purpose; one with long-term goals should look for this.

Just Stepping into Commercial embroidery? 

If you are an entrepreneur or just want to start an embroidery business, you better ask yourself a few questions.

Is embroidery your piece of cake?

If you think you can handle all the pressures and hustle of the commercial embroidery, from planning to the production and then production to the business strategies and many more. Then yeah, this is your area of expertise.

Why do you want to start this business? Is it profitable?

What is the motivation for you to choose this business, money, creativity, or something personal? People often choose it for its tremendous profits; yeah, it is a profitable business.

Strategies for the new embroidery business

No one can be successful in this field without knowing the strategies of the commercial embroidery business.

Adopting these strategies can make a huge impact:


How to start? What are the needs? Where to invest? The demographics?     

Organizing the Business

The complete dissection of the work, different units, different responsibilities. Following the domain.

 Marketing strategies: social media or email marketing

By following the modern technologies and strategies to reach the customers, like Facebook ads or marketing

Follow New business trends

A business owner should know the new trends of the market, follow the current fashion and styles.


Maintain the quality from the start and stick to it.


The last and most important is to be persistent, wait for the right time, and keep growing.

Key features to look at while buying a commercial embroidery machine

If you are an expert or not, these are the noteworthy features that one needs to know and look for before buying a commercial embroidery machine. 

Brand Reputation and Comparison / Specify your Need

While buying a commercial embroidery machine, one needs to know the brand reputation; like there are machines of Happy company, they are considered durable and long-lasting. At the same time, Janome is famous for modern technology, warranty, Bernina has exciting features, and Tajima has blasting speed. So, many features distinguish a brand from others.

So, think before buying? What are your needs? Determine and then go for purchase.

Embroidery Area and Embroidery Formats

The embroidery size decides how much volume a machine can generate. The larger the area, the more the production and variety, and the more revenue.

The machine should follow the current Embroidery formats like (.exp) is a format for Melco machines, and other industry formats need to be adaptable.

Support and Training

 If a machine provides on-site support and provides short training to the operators and staff, that will be the best choice for a beginner to go for.

Like Happy embroidery machines setup and support is under the TexmacDirect, they provide complete modules and descriptions to learn about the machine, error codes, and many other solutions regarding the machine problems. 

Designs and Monogramming

Looking for a machine for commercial embroidery, as a buyer thinks about the whole aspects of the business. Is this machine a one in all option?

How many built-in designs and editing options are included? Is it suitable for customization?

 Can this machine do monogramming and has many fonts and at least or 2 or 3 letters options.

Accessories and Additional Equipment

All the machines provide accessories and other equipment to attach. Some companies provide different numbers of hoops of different sizes. Some companies ask to buy the extra, so while purchasing a machine, do look at the accessories list.


We have discussed top brands and their machines while explaining the general strategies to establish a new embroidery business. There is a list of the things a person needs to know to choose one commercial embroidery machine. Every brand and machine has its pros and cons, and one needs to identify them to reach the ideal machine.

Hope you have reached the point where you can specify and distinguish the machine you need.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to choose a commercial embroidery machine?

There are certain factors to look at before choosing a commercial embroidery machine. The stitching speed, durability, and hoop size with LCD, and many other features to consider before buying one.

What is the cost of a good commercial embroidery machine?

The cost of the commercial embroidery machine varies from size to model to brand; usually, they are expensive and range between $7k to 25k.

What is the average lifespan of commercial embroidery machines?

The life span of the commercial embroidery machine is quite long-lasting, more than 15 to 20 years, earlier there was a problem moving the big old machines, but now they come in movable sizes.

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