Best Embroidery Machines in 2024 (Latest Models with High-End Features are Included)

Useful Buying Advices and Review of Top of The Line Embroidery Machines (Brother, Janome, Singer) are Included

Personalized dresses are a dream for any sophisticated person. Owning an embroidery machine indeed fulfills this dream. But hold a sec, selecting a durable embroidery machine that fits your need isn’t as easy as it sounds. Manufacturing companies can easily fool you by using fancy terms and emphasizing unwanted features of these embroidery machines.

Luckily, we are here to save your time, money, and effort by providing you with a complete descriptive review of top-notch embroidery machines that are equally beneficial for beginners to experts.

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Best Embroidery Machines in [year] (Latest Models with High-End Features are Included) 24
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After Reviewing tons of machines, we declare Brother PE800 as the best embroidery machine due to its ease of use and variety of features. This digital machine has 138 built-in designs, 11 preloaded fonts, an automatic needle threader, and a large hoop area.

Brother PE800 - best Embroidery machine ever

Top 10 Embroidery Machines Reviews

In preparing this list, we personally reviewed dozens of the industry’s beloved brands of embroidery machines, including Brother, Janome, Singer, Uten, etc. Our learned and professional methods, including critical analysis, personalizations, inspections, and getting professionals’ feedback, empower us to write this review.

After Our in-depth critical analysis, we shortlisted the top 10 machines among them based on various factors, including the manufacturer’s reputation, features, price, and user-friendliness. We also discussed the pros and cons of these machines after taking reviews from actual users.

Our Top Pick
No. 1

Brother PE 800 - Best embroidery machine in the market

5/5 Our Score


  • Display: 3.2” touch led color screen
  • Hoop Area: 5’’x7″ large hoop area
  • Built-in Fonts: 11 Fonts
  • Built-in Designs: 138 Designs
  • Extra Internal Storage for Custom Designs
  • USB for Importing Designs.
  • Automatic Needle Threader

Brother PE800 was launched on 18 April 2018 and quickly became popular within the embroidery industry. It’s a complete digital solution to all your embroidery problems as it’s preloaded with 100+ designs and provides complete customization within the machine. It also allows its users the flexibility to add new designs using a USB port.

Editing, resizing, reshaping, and joining various designs have always required separate design software. Pe800 has eradicated the need for separate embroidery software for changing your design before stitching. It has an extensive digital embroidery module with 138 built-in designs, including scrollwork, florals, and quilt patterns.

Most embroiders face problems with fonts while stitching; this brother machine provides a built-in solution for that. It has almost 7 English and 4 Japanese fonts, making a total of 11 fonts. Besides font type, you can also select frame and border of letters from 10 frame shapes and 14 border styles.

We often want our digital machines to store our custom designs. Luckily, Pe800 has dedicated internal storage for storing 6-12 custom designs efficiently. You can load a bundle of designs in your USB and store a few designs in its dedicated storage.


  • Extra set of the Embroidery hoop
  • Embroidery foot
  • Bobbin with cover & thread
  • Needle set, Seam ripper, and Scissors
  • 3 Screwdrivers
  • Accessory Bag with large dust cover
Why We Liked it
  • Built-in tutorials decrease the learning curve for users.
  • On-screen preview and editing by zoom, rotating, and drag-drop make the customization easier.
  • Considering its lightweight design, 650 SPM embroidery speed is quite remarkable.
  • It is ideal for beginners due to its ease of use.
What we Disliked
  • Thread tension problems occur that decrease productivity.

Brother PE800 would be a perfect choice for any digital embroiderer as it gives you the power of editing the designs quickly within the machine. Due to its vast menu and color option, I am comfortable saying that separate embroidery software would get obsolete in the coming year.
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No. 2

Brother SE1900 - latest embroidery machine

4.8/5 Our Score


  • Display: 3.2” touch led color screen
  • Hoop Area: 5’’x7″ large hoop area
  • Built-in Fonts: 11 Fonts
  • Built-in Designs: 138 Designs
  • Built-in Stitches: 240 Stitches
  • ‘My Custom Stitch’ Feature
  • Automatic Needle Threader

Brother SE1900 is a combo machine with the ability to embroider and sew together. This machine comes with 138 built-in designs that provide diverse designs which are essential to grasp the market. Moreover, 11 fonts provide multiple monogramming and lettering opportunities.

I often get large projects in the professional market and the issue I faced mostly arises due to limited hoop size. In past, it has restricted me from following up on some major money-making projects. I believe this is by far the same and most common issue faced by embroiders. Luckily, with this machine, you can overcome all of these limitations. It is due to its huge embroidery area of 5” X 7 that gives the user enough space to complete extensive projects.

This machine is a genuinely computerized machine that comes with a 3.2″ inch touchscreen LCD. it allows its users to customize and edit the designs. Many users get stuck when they buy a new machine, but this machine provides built-in tips and tutorials that help them in training while using this machine.

In the everyday sewing business, We always need different sewing patterns and designs. Brother SE1900 comes with 240 built-in stitches that allow users to create numerous sewing patterns. it also brings helps stitchers by giving them 10 different one-step buttonholes options, which adjusts itself with respect to any kind of button.

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  • Specialty Thread Set
  • Bobbin Case
  • 5″ X 7″ Hoop 
  • Grid Sheet Set
  • 8 Accessory Feet and a Knee Lifter
  • Scissors with Needle set
Why We Liked
  • 8 different accessory feet bring variety to the embroidery process.
  • My Custom Stitch Feature gives a free hand to choose and sew on a touch panel. 
  • A lot of built-in designs give a head start to dive into the business market.
  • The 850 SPM stitch speed helps in completing the task faster.
  • It has built-in tutorials for proper guidance.
What we Disliked
  • There are some cases related to needle snapping while embroiding.

This machine is ideal for those who can spend extra to get the best of both worlds (sewing and embroidery) without compromising on quality. This machine is fully equipped with the latest & advanced sewing and embroidery options.
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No. 3

Brother SE600 - best personal embroidery machine

4.7/5 Our Score


  • Display: 3.2” touch led color screen
  • Built-in Designs: 80 Designs
  • Built-in Stitches: 103 Stiches
  • Needle-to-Arm Space: 6.4″ w x 4.1″ h
  • Embroidery Area: 4’’x4″ hoop area
  • USB Port
  • 2-in-1 Embroidery and Sewing (Equally Beneficail for Quielters)
  • Automatic Needle Threader

Brother SE600 comes with multiple exciting features. This machine is a computerized machine with 80 built-in designs that give various choices to the users. 6 embroidery fonts enhance the machine’s capability in lettering and monogramming.

If we talk about the combined work proficiency of this machine, despite providing high-end embroidery features, it is preloaded with 103 stitch designs that enrich the sewing ability of the machine. In addition, there are 10 different styles of buttonholes that help in sewing buttons on a variety of clothes.

Quilting and big embroidery designs are always difficult due to limited available space on embroidery machines. This machine solves these problems by providing an extended and comprehensive 6.4″ w x 4.1″ h needle-to-arm area. it enables users to fold and roll down the quilts and oversized clothes quite easily.

We personally customized various projects on this machine as it comes with a general 3.2″ LCD color touchscreen. it really helped us to modify, preview, and execute the designs. In addition, for the best user experience, there are built-in tutorials and comprehensive guides for performing beginners to moderate tasks.

With all the above-stated privileges, this machine includes an auto-needle threading feature that saves tons of your time. We all know that Jamming issues go in parallel with sewing, but in this machine, a drop-in top bobbin restricts the frequent jamming issue.


  • 7 Sewing Feet Accessory
  • 4″ x 4″ Hoop
  • Screwdriver, Set of Different Needles & 4 Bobbins 
  • 3 Pcs Pre-wound Bobbin 
  • Seam Ripper & a Spool Caps 
  • Instruction Manual
Why We Liked
  • It comes with a Sew Smart LCD with vibrant colors that help in customization.
  • This machine has a wide needle to arm space that helps the user in quilting.
  • 7 Different feet in the machine brings variety and difference.
  • There is auto-needle threading that helps in saving time.
  • A huge number of built-in designs bring diversity to your embroidery projects.
What we Disliked
  • There is a problem of hoop limitation that restricts a user to a 4” X 4” embroidery hoop only. You’ll need an extension table for large workspace
  • Thread tensions issues cause needle breakage that leads to inefficiency.

This machine is for those who want editing options and free arm space, which makes it ideal for quilters. Brother SE600 is a two in one machine with highly dependable customization options.
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Here is a comparison between some of the best Brother’s embroidery machines.

No. 4

Brother PE535 - best embroidery only machine

4.5/5 Our Score


  • Display: 3.2” touch led color screen
  • Embroidery Area: 4’’x4″
  • Built-in Designs: 80 Designs
  • Built-in Fonts: 9 Fonts for monograms
  • Highly Durable for Embroidery
  • Built-in USB Port
  • Automatic Needle Threader

Brother PE535 is the most reliable embroidery-only machine with 80 Built-in designs, which greatly helps its users to settle the business which involves pre-provided designs. In addition to that, 9 lavish font styles help in the diversification of any project.

When we talk about small-scale embroidery tasks and projects, this machine covers up perfectly with its 4″ x 4″ embroidery area that allows different home-based projects to complete without repositioning the hoop in the field area.

Normally embroiders work for many hours on their machines. Threading the needle, again and again, can be tedious and hectic, so this machine tries to solve this issue with an auto needle threading system that makes you work faster and saves time.

If you are a customization freak, this machine can be a considerable option for you. The large 3.2″ LCD Touchscreen of this machine serves as the customization panel for creating personalized designs.


  • 4″x4″ Embroidery Hoop
  • Accessory Bag
  • Bobbin & Bobbin cover
  • Spool Caps & Spool net
  • Needles set and Screwdrivers
  • An Embroidery Foot
  • Scissors and Seam Ripper
  • Manual for Instructions
Why We Liked
  • The auto-needle threading saves time and eye strain.
  • Quite useful, if you want to make your own garments, quilts & table runners
  • Ideal for monogram, label & small designs.
What we Disliked
  • Only suitable for small projects and desings.

Brother PE535 is made for embroidery only. It is my get-to-go suggestion for any home-based embroidery business. It is also used in small-scale startups and brands due its durability in embroidery.
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No. 5

Janome Memory Craft 12000 - top of the line embroidery machine

4.8/5 Our Score


  • Embroidery Area: 9.1” x 11.8” (Largest Hoop Size ever)
  • Built-in Designs: 338 Embroidery Designs
  • Built-in Fonts: 10 Fonts 
  • Built-in Stiches: 425 stiches
  • AcuFeed Flex system
  • USB Port for Importing Designs 
  • PC Connection Through Horizon Link
  • 2 & 3 Letters Monogramming 
  • Embroidery Speed up to 1000spm

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000 is one of the most refined products of the mother brand Janome. This splendid machine has a maximum embroidery size of 9.1” x 11.8”, much larger than other competitors allowing the user to execute large projects.

Professionals who care for quality designs with speed always dream of a single kick-ass machine to do all of their complex work. Behold Janome Memory Craft is the right choice for them. It has 338 Built-in embroidery designs that help to fulfill market & customer demands. Moreover, there are also 10 Fonts for adding different styles in the designs.

Furthermore, along with the conventional method of USB to import the designs, this machine has added value and easiness for users by Direct PC Connection via Horizon Link. It’s a complete software toolkit that offers a lot of services besides transferring the designs, which includes the Emblink tool, Pattern Combo Tool, AcuFil Tool, Stitch Composer & Screen Saver Tool.

If we talk about the sewing machine that is suitable for beginners to advanced semesters, Our definitive suggestion would be this machine. It comes with 425 Built-in stitches that encompass many stitch patterns and options. In addition, there is a 2 & 3 Letter Monogramming feature to make the variations in those patterns.


  • Embroidery Hoops
  • Accessory Feet
  • AcuView Magnifier
  • Anna Maria Horner” Embroidery Kit
  • Scissors & Needles set
  • Bobbin & Bobbin holder
  • Quilting kit
  • Spool stands & Seam ripper
  • Clothsetter & Ruffler
Why We Liked
  • This machine comes with a long list of accessories that help the user in many ways.
  • Up to 1000spm helps the user to meet the deadline faster.
  • The direct connection with the PC removes the difficulty of USB importing and transferring designs.
  • AcuFeed Flex system perfects the lower and upper teeth movement for perfect stitching.
  • Automatic thread control system increases the efficiency of the machine work.
  • Stitch selection through the touch panel makesup for digital software.
What we Disliked
  • A bit expensive for beginners and hobiest, but for businesses, it is worthwhile.
  • It does not come with digitizing software.

This Commercial grade machine is highly advised for any professional person who is skillful in embroidery. This top-rated machine can work for hours at high speed, which can decrease your production time significantly. It’s a perfect Embroidery & sewing combo which saves our time, consumed in switching machines.
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No. 6

Brother SE400 - best quality embroidery machine reviews

4.2/5 Our Score


  • Embroidery Area: 4’’x4″
  • Built-in Designs: 70 Embroidery Designs
  • Built-in Fonts: 5 Fonts for monogramming
  • Built-in Stiches: 67 stiches
  • Frame Pattern: 120 frame patterns (Uniqe & New)
  • 98 Stitch Functions 
  • Automatic Bobbin Winding System
  • Drop-in Quickset bobbin
  • Back-lit View Touch screen LCD

Brother SE400 is the most dependable combo machine of this brand. This machine is light but very productive. It comes with just a 4″ x 4″ embroidery field, that helps in managing a large number of projects (as most of the embroidery design size lies in this range). There is an embroidery hoop of the same size for neat and smooth working

Several beginners who look for practicality can totally rely on this machine. This machine comes with 70 built-in designs for customization. Not just that, 5 different fonts are also offered in this machine, that can be used to form different styles, and 120 frame patterns further sweeten this machine for personalization.  

If we talk about a low and moderate machine with various sewing features. Brother SE400 also beats a lot of machines in that race by bringing 67 built-in stitches that enhance the stitching patterns and would help the user in quilting and other decorative designs.

Customization and the editing options are other highly appreciated features of this machine, it comes with a large LCD screen which allows the user to preview the designs before executing. Furthermore, there are built-in tutorials that a user can watch on various tasks and activities before attempting them.


  • 4″ x 4″ Embroidery Hoop
  • Embroidery Arm
  • Accessory Feet
  • Touch Pen & USB Cable
  • Seam Ripper & Spool Caps 
  • Needle set & Screwdrivers
  • Scissors and Screw Drivers
  • Manual & Instruction CD
Why We Liked
  • There is an automatic bobbin winding system that winds the bobbin and decreases user strain.
  • There are more than 1000 additional designs one can download from that bring variety at the door.
  • Built-in tutorials help in guiding the user to complete tasks.
  • The automatic needle threading system saves time.
What we Disliked
  • Limited embroidery field and hoop prohibits large projects.
  • Embroiding Speed is bit low, 400 SPM.

Brother SE400 is the most affordable machine in the combo category (deals in both sewing and embroidery). This machine with different fonts makes the space for all the aspirants of monogramming to look for this machine. High advised for monograms and lettering.
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No. 7

Janome Memory Craft 500E - best single needle embroidery machine

4.7/5 Our Score


  • Embroidery Area: 7.9” x 11
  • Built-in Designs: 160 Designs
  • Built-in Fonts: 6 Monogramming fonts
  • Embroidery Sewing Speed: 400-860 SPM
  • 2 & 3 Letters Monogramming
  • Easy Flexible Stitch Traveling
  • On-Screen Editing Functions for Customization

Janome memory craft 500E is yet another embroidery and sewing machine with a large embroidery field of 7.9” x 11” that allows the user to run different large projects in the machine. Along with it, there are 4 different hoops to which helps in taking care of a large variety of custom designs and patterns.

When we talk about businessmen looking to own a brand or launch a new attire, this machine can serve them quite well. It brings 160 built-in designs that arise creativity sleeping deep within them. There are also 6 different fonts for custom monogramming via a single needle, making it ideal for embroidering logos.

For those who want their custom-made designs, this machine will cover all your needs by allowing on-screen editing & customizing on a considerable size LCD. Moreover, you can import the designs directly from the USB socket.

When doing large and complex embroidery, you need to be a multitasker. Janome memory craft has the auto needle threading option that saves a lot of your time. Its flexible stitch travels from 0 to 100 formats, making the customizations easy on sewing and embroidery projects.


  • Embroidery Foot
  • Embroidery Hoops
  • Anna Maria Horner Embroidery Kit
  • Needles Set and Screwdrivers
  • AcuFil Quilting Kit
  • Scissors & Seam Ripper
  • Bobbins & Bobbin Holder
Why We Liked
  • This machine has a large embroidery field that allows large projects by using different hoops.
  • This machine is a perfect monogramming machine for making different patterns.
  • This machine has a flexible stitch traveling feature that let the needle move freely for customized designs.
  • The automatically advanced needle threading system saves time and eye strain.
  • The on-screen editing allows the user to customize different products.
What we Disliked
  • This machine doesn’t come with digitizing software, and you need to buy it separately.
  • A bit of a learning curve for new users.

A highly technical machine by Janome. As this machine comes with various embroidery hoops and a quilt kit, this machine is the most suitable option for quilters who want to do embroiderers too and vice versa.
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No. 8

Uten 2685A - best embroidery machine on the market

4.5/5 Our Score


  • Built-in Stitches: 200
  • Buttonholes: 8 styles
  • Including 100 letters 
  • Easy Needle Threading 
  • Backlight LCD Screen
  • Computerized Stitch Selection
  • Programmable Needle 
  • Adjustable Thread Tension Control
  • Quick-Set Drop-In Top Bobbin System

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Uten 2685A is a fully computerized sewing machine with about 200 built-in stitches with 8 different styles of buttonholes, , and variable needle positions for agile stitching and embroidery. Uten also provides its owner with special features like adjustable thread tension control and a programmable needle, which enables us to automate our daily sewing and embroidery tasks.

As an embroidery professional, I know that one would always try to look for a machine with various lettering and monogramming options so different types of logos can be printed smoothly. For these reasons, Uten brings about 100 lettering and numbering options. It allows us to generate various designs for different alphabet plates.

Many newbies get confused while picking a stitch from the built-in stitch collection as it gets executed abruptly with a little careless behavior. With this machine, you can do a confident selection as it is equipped with a back-light LCD button that allows an efficient and clear selection of computerized stitch. it also prompts for editing of the patterns before execution.

Quilters can hugely benefit from this machine because this machine comes with the free arm option that allows the quilting and sewing of large projects, i.e., small folding and rolling the quilts.

When you discuss the fast production process, this machine has the 750spm for completing the tasks quickly and with the speed control slider helps the user control the sewing speed.


  • Accessory feet
  • Alphabet plate for lettering 
  • Buttonhole foot for one-step designs.
  • Bobbin & Needles set
  • Auxiliary Spool pin
  • Seam Ripper & Screwdriver
Why We Liked
  • This machine is a portable sewing machine.
  • There is an instructional manual that helps in performing tasks.
  • The thread tension adjuster keeps the tension to increase efficiency.
  • This machine is made up of aluminum alloy that increases its durability.
  • An automatic needle threading system saves time.
  • Computerized stitch selection makes the user work less stressful.
What we Disliked
  • It rattles and makes a noise at high speed.

Uten 2685A is a proficient sewing machine for all the pro sewing experts and lettering enthusiasts. This machine has a free arm space feature also makes this machine suitable for quilters too.
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No. 9

Singer - legacy SE300 - best high end embroidery machine

4.7/5 Our Score


  • Built-in Designs: 200 built-in design
  • Built-In Stitches: 250
  • Software Included SE300 and Software Updates 
  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame 
  • USB port for Design Transfer
  • Touch Button Stitch Selection
  • Endless Hoop Capability 
  • Built-In Lettering 

Singer Legacy SE300 is an extraordinary combo of embroidery and sewing that can greatly transform your projects. it comes pre-threaded from the company, so you can start your project, right away. its preloaded designs include children, floral, etc. All accessories are placed in front-facing storage compartments

This machine is an ideal solution for limited working space problems. it comes with an extra-large embroidery field that allows the humongous projects to complete and the Large Embroidery Hoop 10¼” x 6″ lets the user go beyond limits. Furthermore, a small hoop of size 4″ x 4″ is also shipped for the user’s convenience.

Sewing and embroidery are both interlinked. Along with the embroidery field, this machine has more than 200 Built-In stitches and 14 One-Step Buttonholes which are quite beneficial for any designer.

Regardless of the embroidery and sewing capability, this machine can serve well for custom designing projects. as it comes with a digital display for proper design view. Additionally, there is a stitch selection panel to customize the sewing process. There is also a USB that helps a user to import the designs for current and future use.


  • 10 Presser Feet
  • 2 Embroidery Hoops
  • One USB Stick 
  • Pack of Needle & Needle Plate 
  • Bobbins
  • 1 Quilting Bar 
  • Thread Spool Net & Caps
  • Seam Ripper & Screwdriver
Why We Liked
  • There is an automatic needle threader that saves time.
  • The speed is about 800spm, which completes the projects faster.
  • Online Owner’s Class for decreasing the learning curve. 
  • This machine comes with a metal frame that increases life of the machine.
  • There is also a touch panel for stitch selection that increases sewing efficiency.
What we Disliked
  • The needle breakage issues occur sometimes.
  • The decorative stitch function causes the problem.

excellent features of this machine can easily persuade intermediate to pro-level enthusiasts who want a 1 man show for their projects and don’t want to spend tons of money.
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No. 10

Brother SE625 - best rated embroidery machine

4.4/5 Our Score


  • Embroidery Area: 4″x4″ Embroidery field
  • Display: 3.7″ Sew Smart color LCD touch screen 
  • Built-in Designs: 80 built-in and 200 on the included CD
  • Built-in Stitches: 103 built-in sewing stitches
  • Buttonholes: 10 styles of one-step
  • Needle-to-Arm Space: Expanded 6.4″ w x 4.1″ h workspace 
  • A built-in USB port
  • Includes 7 versatile sewing feet

SE625 comes with a huge collection of stitches and designs. A large needle-to-arm space with a big LCD touch display makes it ideal for freelance projects (as you get a variety of work in it). In this machine, they also provide a CD in the accessories that greatly reduces the learning curve. 

Personalization is the essence of embroidery work. You may go for this machine for customization as it comes with a 3.7″ Sew Smart color LCD touch screen that allows the user to customize the designs. 

For survival in the market, there is a need for variety and unique products. You can use this machine’s editing features that give you a free hand to change the individual thread color and move designs on the screen for a better view that plays an essential role in customization. Furthermore, you can use a USB port to import the designs to the computer for further use.

Ever wondered why quilters and embroiderers first ask for needle-to-arm workspace because it makes them do large projects. The expanded  6.4″ w x 4.1″ h needle-to-arm workspace allows the user to work with quilts and large projects. 

Another good thing about this machine is the embroidery area of about 4″x4″ with the hoop of the 4″ x 4″ for handling various projects. In addition, there are 7 quick-change feet for different purposes like monogramming feet and others for variable jobs and functions.


  • 4″ x 4″ Embroidery Hoop
  • CD with 200 designs
  • Needles set 
  • Bobbins & pre-wound bobbin 
  • Seam ripper & Screwdriver
  • Spool caps 
  • Operation manual
Why We Liked
  • An extraordinary feed system provides the versatility to sew on nearly any stuff.
  • The large LCD allows the user to customize the designs.
  • The expanded needle-to-arm space helps in quilting and large projects.
  • Different built-in stitches help in creating different patterns that enhance variety.
What we Disliked
  • Sometimes, needle don;t fit well and gives a shaky needle effect while embroiding.

This machine provides a comprehensive learning platform for newcomers. A lot of small home-based business owners get this machine due to its built-in design and easy-to-use options.
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Factors to Consider, When Buying an Embroidery Machine (Buying Guide for Embroiders of All Kind)

An embroidery machine is just like friends, which stays with you forever. Everyone has different needs, a machine that suits you the most might not be an ideal choice for everyone. Therefore, before buying these machines, you must always take a few things into account.

Budget and Needs

The first thing that a buyer should determine is the needs and requirements for his machine. Answering these questions would clarify your needs.

  • Why do you need it?
  • What kind of possible work would we be performing?
  • Is it used for commercial or home use?
  • What is our skill set?
  • Are you using the machine for 8 hours straight?
  • Are you using it for sewing only or you are doing embroidery on it too?

After specifying the needs, a budget factor should be most prioritized. You want to know that how much you are willing to pay for that products. What is a suitable machine in your price range? which product gives you the best feature at a minimum price.


Brand reputation matters a lot in the embroidery business. Brands invest a lot in repo building. Some brands have their names associated with durability and some with extensive features. Branding is all about trust-building which definitely ain’t achieved overnight. A good brand would have a lot of social appearances and a large community around it.

The bottom line is to look for a machine manufactured by a trusted brand.

Embroidery Area

People most of the time buy embroidery machines for commercial business. They receive lots of projects which include large embroidery or monogramming designs. In such cases, the embroidery area is the deciding factor in choosing the machine. The larger the better 🙂

Embroidery Hoops

The hoops are necessary for bringing quality to the embroidery tasks. A hoop keeps the fabric tight, without any wrinkles as embroidery gets smoother on stretched clothe.

The hoop limitations can be a deal-breaker for the work so that a machine with multiple hoop sizes should be considered. well obviously, if you don’t get a hoop from the accessories set, you can always buy a new one.

Built-in Designs

For a beginner and intermediate embroidery hobbyist, the built-in design is an essential factor as a lot of hard work is saved by direct editing the designs that come with the machine. Many people went for the quantity of the designs, it’s our humble suggestion to seek the quality of their designs instead.


How fast your embroidery task can be completed is totally determined by the speed of a machine. on average 700 stitches per second is the standard speed on the machine. Anything above is a plus and anything below it is just too slow. So do buy the machine with considerable SPM to meet the deadlines of the projects.


Embroidery is a long-lasting business, so the machine needs to be durable and enduring with a reasonable warranty is the plus point. They aren’t cheap enough to be replaced every couple of years. A good Machine can last for a lifetime.

If we are paying a thousand dollars, we must make sure about the product’s durability. We should know in advance about the maintenance cost of the machine. It would be ideal if one own self could easily maintain the machine.

Ease of Use 

Is there a learning curve for a new user or a straightforward machine that a user loves to use, and easy portability would be a cherry on top. Embroidery is a creative task that demands mental ease during the time of its stitching. A complex machine would require a lot of practice and technical skills for its utilization.

Always go for easy use, efficient yet straightforward embroidery machine. It doesn’t mean that you should go for too simple, plain mechanical Embroidery machines.


How much does an embroidery machine cost?

It depends upon what you are buying; if you buy a small home-based embroidery machine, you can get it in a few hundred bucks (Uten machine costs less than 200 $). but if you are looking for a commercial, pro-level embroidery machine it can cost you a couple of thousand dollars.

Can embroidery machines sew too?

The simple answer is NO but the embroidery machines are so versatile these days that few of them have the sewing unit too. We can simply change the detachable embroidery unit of the machine with a sewing one, and voila, you have a sewing machine now.

What is the main difference between embroidery and sewing machines?

The embroidery machine usually does the beautifying tasks that include colorful designs, monograms, custom logos, and artistic needleworks. On the other hand, the sewing machine tailors the fabrics and creates different stitch patterns.

What is the best embroidery machine?

So far Brother PE800 is the best embroidery machine, due to its ease of use, its vast community, features, and support provider by Brother company.

Which Brand manufactures the best embroidery machine?

Brother embroidery machines are so far the most in-demand embroidery machine manufacturers due to quality, functionality, and large online community, So we consider them as the best. Other famous brands include Janome, Melco, and Singer.

How does an embroidery machine work?

An embroidery machine works by manipulating thread. It works by layering together different colors of thread. This generates an image, monogram, or some logo. It is very similar to how a sewing machine stitches fabric- it uses one stitch at a time for each layer before moving onto the next layer


We hope that by now our Embroidery machines list must have helped you a lot in deciding the most suitable machine for yourself. The list wasn’t easy to come it. We had to read many actual reviews, take the expert suggestion, and self-test dozens of machines. Still, if you aren’t sure which embroidery machine would be best for you, we will help you by recommending the top 2 machines within the list.

If you want a mid-ranged machine with a complete digital feature, PE800 should be your get-to-go machine. But if you have some cash and are happy to pay a little extra for e, I recommend Brother SE1900.

Happy sewing!

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