How to Wind a Bobbin Using a Sewing Machine

It sounds simple that to use a sewing machine, you need to wind a bobbin, plug it, and start sewing. However, do you know how to wind a bobbin properly? Here in this article, you will learn simple tricks to fill a bobbin using the bobbin winder of your machine in an easy-to-understand step-by-step procedure.

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How to Wind a Bobbin Using a Sewing Machine 4

Step-by-Step Procedure to Wind a Bobbin

I am using Singer Start 1304, but the winding method is the same on all modern-day sewing machines.

Before starting, have a look at the labeled picture of a sewing machine top.

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How to Wind a Bobbin Using a Sewing Machine 5
  1. First, Place the thread spool on the spool pin.
  2. Then, pass the thread through the bobbin threading guide, as shown in the picture. In most of the machines, there is a dashed line made for the bobbin winding guide.
  3. Now pass the thread through the small hole of the bobbin from the inner side of the bobbin to the outside.
  4. Place the bobbin on the bobbin winder.
  5. Now push the bobbin winder pin towards the adjacent post.
  6. Now hold the thread end upward and press the foot to peddle at a slow speed. Keep holding the thread end until you have several rounds of thread around the bobbin.
  7. Now stop the wind and cut the thread end with scissors
  8. Now restart the winding at moderate speed.
  9. Once you have filled a bobbin as required, stop winding and cut off the other end of the thread.
  10. Take out the winding bobbin that is ready to be used.

Final Remarks

You can observe here that the wound bobbin has nice and smooth, even rows of thread over it. If you had done it improperly or manually through your hands, these rows would have been uneven, and the bobbin may cause trouble during sewing. 

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