Best Serger Sewing Machine 2024: Review, Comparison and Guide

Presenting review and comparison of frequently recommended serger machines with a comprehensive buying guide..

At a party, wedding, or casual function, untidy threads are always considered discomfort and become a cause of embarrassment. Are you tired of the small threads coming out of your fancy clothes? Do not worry; Our top picks for the best serger sewing machine, or you can say the best overlock machine, would do the job for you.

To help you choose the best serger machine, I have compiled a list of some premium suggestions by experts that might prove to be a lifesaver. Also, you would find a buying guide towards the end of the section that would help you to select a serger on your own.

Best Serger Sewing Machine [year]: Review, Comparison and Guide 16
#1 Best High-End

Singer Professional 5: High-end Best Serger Sewing Machine

Singer Professional 5

  • Features: 1300 Stitches per minute, Self-adjusting tension, 4 built-in roller hems, adjustable stitch length & width with differential ratio, and 25 years warranty.
  • Serger Type: 2/3/4/5 Thread Serger
  • Rating: ★★★★★
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#2 Best Standard Commercial

Juki MO645DE: Best Professional Serger for Commercial Use

Juki MO645DE

  • Features: 1500 stitches per minute, speed, built-in roller hem, adjustable stitch width & length with differential ratio, and 5 years warranty. 
  • Serger Type: 2/3/4 Thread Serger
  • Rating: ★★★★★
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#3 Best Price Value

Singer S0230: Best Cheap Serger

Singer S0230 

  • Features: 1500 stitches per minute, free arm for hemming, speed, adjustable stitch width & length with differential ratio, and 25 years warranty. 
  • Serger Type: 2/3/4 Thread Serger
  • Rating: ★★★★★
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Top 5 Best Serger Sewing Machine: Professional’s Review.

I have made it much easier to select your first serger by dividing the machines into different categories based on their unique selling points and utility. Thus, you would get a straightforward overview of the machine utility by just glancing at the headings in the table of contents.

No. 1

SINGER ProFinish 14CG754: Best Sewing Machine Serger for Heavy Duty Use.

4.9/5 Our Score


  • Weight: 13.5 pounds
  • Serger Type: 2/3/4 Thread Serger
  • Stitch Speed: 1300 Stitches Per Minute
  • Warranty: 25 years limited warranty
  • Free Arm for Hemming.
  • Adjustable Stitch Width & Length.
  • Differential Ration: 0.2 -0.7.

I have been using this machine for over a decade, and I can bet that this is the best serger machine because of its high-quality serging and smooth heavy-duty operation yet at a very affordable price.

Talking about its performance, Singer pro-finish is mended for heavy duty serging with a speed of 1300 stitches per minute. But unlike other segers, this machine operates quite smoothly with little or no noise. Also, it sews on thicker fabrics effortlessly.

The machine can carry out several stitch styles, including a 2-Thread, 3-Thread, and 4-Thread style. Also, it is equipped with differential feed ratios and adjustable stitch width & length, which is the maximum you get from a regular serger machine.

The serger machine is great for hemming with its four built-in roller hems. Its original needle plate can be used to produce hems in no time. Also, this machine has a free arm to secure circular hems around cylindrical parts of clothes.


  • All-Purpose Foot.
  • Needle Set.
  • Tweezers. 
  • Spreader.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Instructional DVD.
Why We Liked it
  • Professional stitching result.
  • Flexible stitching options.
  • Durable construction.
  • Suitable for heavy duty work.
  • Great value for money.
What we Disliked
  • The Serger is a bit expensive.

From my personal experience, if you are looking for a standard heavy-duty serger, then this might be the best sewing machine serger for you as it offers higher piercing power, sewing speed, and quality stitches.
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No. 2

JUKI MO654DE: Best Serger Sewing Machine for Commercial Use

4.8/5 Our Score


  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Serger Type: 2/3/4 Thread Serger
  • Stitch Speed: 1500 Stitches Per Minute
  • Warranty: 5 Years Warranty
  • Automatic Roller Hem.
  • Adjustable Stitch Width & Length.
  • Differential Ration: 0.2 -0.7.

I have used several well-reputed brands, but Juki has a league of its own regarding a commercial serger. It offers a large range of commercial-level sergers, but I found the most preferred and top-rated Juki serger was MO 654DE. Due to its high durability, industrial-grade machinery, and heavy-duty operation, MO654DE is one of the best serger machines for commercial use.

The best I like about this serger is its highly smooth operation, even at a higher speed of 1500 stitches per second. This serger has higher piercing power and a sharp knife that enables it to make lock stitches on even thicker fabrics in no time.

Then this machine is a 2/3/4 thread type serger that gives it a high degree of fungibility. Coupled with different feed ratios and adjustable stitch lengths, the machine offers a variety of stitching styles.


  • Universal Foot.
  • Measuring Tape.
Why We Liked it
  • Comparatively higher stitching speed and power.
  • Highly durable construction. 
  • Top handle for easy carrying.
  • Flexible usage.
  • Low vibrations with smooth operation.
  • Recommended for commercial usage.
What we Disliked
  • A bit costlier for beginners
  • No trim trap collector.

This high-quality Juki machine is the best serger used commercially. These sergers are the best for the people who want to experience more power and speed in their daily usage.
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No. 3

Brother Strong & Tough ST4031HD Serger: Best Premium Serger 

4.6/5 Our Score


  • Weight: 17.7 pounds
  • Serger Type: 3/4 Thread Serger
  • Stitch Speed: 1300 Stitches Per Minute
  • Warranty: 25 Years Warranty
  • Removable trim trap.
  • Free Arm for Hemming.
  • Adjustable Stitch Width & Length.
  • Differential Ration: 0.2 -0.7.

If you are an enthusiast looking for a robust and high-quality sewing serger machine, then here is my pick for you, i.e. Brother ST4031HD Serger. It works great to add up the quality of overlocking while doing heavy-duty jobs.

I have a brief experience using this serger, and as per my expectations, this machine easily overlocks the thickest of denim. Its industrial-grade high-carbon steel knife is sharp and powerful enough to cut the thick multilayered fabric like a butter hot knife.

Secondly, I found it to be highly durable in construction that come with a 25 years warranty, which speaks of its reliability. Due to its quality construction, the machine produces lesser noise than other machines. This gives you a more comfortable serging experience.

The Serger comes with a 3-Thread and 4-Thread stitch style, which adds versatility and can go well with all kinds of fabrics. Also, an extension table makes it easy to handle a high volume of clothes in a larger workspace.

Though it is a 3-4 serger only, it gives you excellent maneuverability with differential feed control and adjustable stitch length and width. The feed ratio goes between 0.7 to 2.0. This ratio adjustment makes it easier for us to go smoothly with any fabric.


  • 3 accessory feet.
  • Needle set.
  • Large spools of serger thread.
  • Softcover.
  • Accessory bag with a needle set.
  • 4 x thread net.
  • Tweezers.
  • Cleaning brush.
  • Hexagonal driver.
  • Instructional DVD.
Why We Liked it
  • Durable with metal thread stand.
  • Inner and outer durable metallic construction.
  • Better finishing with a removable table.
  • Edge finishing with a gathering foot.
  • Minimum vibrations and smooth operation.
What we Disliked
  • Limited to 3 or 4 thread serging.

I found the Brother ST4031HD one of the best premium sergers as it is loaded with a lot of accessories, high-quality stitching capabilities, and high power and durability. It is a dream device for enthusiasts looking for a heavy-duty premium serger.
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No. 4

SINGER S0230: Best Cheap Serger Machine

4.5/5 Our Score


  • Weight: 17.2 pounds
  • Stitch Speed: 1300 Stitches Per Minute
  • Serger Type: 2/3/4 Thread Serger
  • Warranty: 25 year warranty
  • Free Arm for Hemming.
  • Adjustable Stitch Length & Width.
  • Differential Ration: 0.2 -0.7.

During the early stages, I used Singer S0230 for over and year and liked it because of its higher specs at the most affordable price. While searching for a cheap serger for this article, I found out that it is still the most economical serger out in the market.

Cheap doesn’t mean that this is an inferior machine. Instead, this machine out-competes many costlier machines. Due to its high specs. Most importantly, it is a highly versatile sewing machine with a 2/3/4 thread serging option.

I also noticed that this serge has a higher-presser foot, and you can easily place multiple layers of thicker fabrics. Furthermore, it has a built-in roller hem plate and a free arm, making hemming much easier.

The machine has a high speed of 1300 stitches per minute, comparable to much expensive serger machines and adequate for entry lever users.


  • All-Purpose Foot.
  • Needle set.
  • Tweezers.
  • Serew driver.
Why We Liked it
  • Cheapest serger with high price value.
  • Durable with high metallic construction.
  • Highly fungible in usage.
  • Color-coded for easy threading.
  • Enough weight to endure vibrations. 
What we Disliked
  • No trim trap.
  • Comparatively noisy operation.

For beginners, here are our recommended serger machines.

High-built quality with higher specs and comparable fast stitch speed with an exceptionally low price tag makes it clearly the best budget serger machine.
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No. 5

SINGER S0230: Best Cheap Serger Machine

5/5 Our Score


  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • Stitch Speed: 1300 Stitches Per Minute
  • Serger Type: 2/3/4/4 Thread Serger
  • Warranty: 25 year warranty.
  • Self-Adjusting Tension.
  • Removeable trim trap.
  • 4 Built-in Roller Hemming.
  • Adjustable Stitch Length & Width.
  • Differential Ration: 0.2 -0.7.

While looking for a higher serger machine, I found the Singer Professional 5, which is the most advanced serger you will get from the market that gives one of the finest results.

The most outstanding feature of this machine is that it is a 5-thread machine that can also be used in 2/3/4 thread configuration. This makes it the most versatile serger machine on our list. This enables the machine to sew, sean, and cut excess material all in just 1 Sept.

Furthermore, it has four built-in roller hemming features, and with just one lever, you can easily move the finger to your desired roller hem position.

Talking about the specs, this machine has a speed of 1300 stitches per minute which is comparatively lesser than the cheaper serge machines, yet it is to be remembered that this speed is for 5-thread serging.

Perhaps the best feature I like about this machine is its automatic adjustable tension adjustment system. As you select you to stitch, the machine will automatically adjust the tension of the thread.


  • All-Purpose Foot.
  • Needle set.
  • Tweezers.
  • Serew driver.
  • Clearer brush.
  • Trim trap tray.
Why We Liked it
  • Highly versatile stitching with a 2/3/4/5 thread system.
  • Self-adjustable tension system.
  • Highly smooth and vibrationless operation.
  • Suitable for commercial usage.
  • Effortless heavy-duty operation.
  • Comes with a trim trap.
What we Disliked
  • Expensive for non-professional users.
  • Complex threading for beginners.

This is clearly the best of the best serger sewing machine, which has the highest degree of versatility, smooth and quality operation and advanced features. This makes it highly suitable for enthusiasts and commercial users.
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Buying Guide

Before you jump into the market, it is mandatory to investigate all the features you should look for in your serger. This comprehensive buying guide will help you a lot to find the best serger sewing machine.

Stitch Styles

A serger is widely known for overlock stitching, but like a sewing machine, it does not only perform one function; it can perform different style stitches. You can choose the number and type of stitching machine according to your performance.

  • 3 – Thread Lock

A 3- Thread lock is the type of stitching carried out to secure the fabric. This stitching style only requires a single needle. The stitch is very simple and good for protecting light fabrics like silk and medium fabrics like cotton.

  • 4 – Thread Overlock

A 4-Thread overlock stitch looks the same as a 3-thread lock stitch, but two needles do it. One needle goes through the fabric while the other secures the stitch. This stitch type is used to secure bulky fabrics like leather bags or velvet shirts.

  • Flatlock Stitch

A flatlock is a type of seam that goes flat on both sides of the fabric. The thread is visible on both sides of the fabric; hence is a great opportunity to add a decorative element to your sewings while maintaining the stitch and fabric security.

  • Rolled Edge Stitch

A rolled edge stitch is a stitch style that rolls the fabrics inside the sem to secure them. A rolled edge is the most simple and common style available in all the serger machines. It works great on medium to lightweight fabrics.

Number Of Thread

A sewing machine only supports a single thread, but a serger machine is more versatile and can support several thread styles. Less expensive machines have two to three threads, while a good one can go to five and be used for highly-professional tasks. If you want to buy a serger for domestic and simple overlocking, buy a two-thread sewing serger machine, but you have to spend more for professional usage.


Buying a good serger machine will always depend on how much you use it. If you want a professional one for frequent serging, go for a serger with some pro features. These pro features include a good speed and a high voltage motor supported by a highly metallic body to resist vibrations while serging.

High Presser Foot

You might need a serger for any thick or thin fabric, like the net. A presser foot is used to hold the fabric under the needle while sewing or serging so that the hands are free to direct the cloth in the right direction. A high presser is an adjustable foot. It is easy to adjust the height according to the thickness of the cloth.

Extra Accessories

Serging is a complex process with some consequences. It is a bit complicated and needs some additional features for support. Here are a few accessories you should consider before buying a top serger.

  • A trim Catcher is a special accessory attached beneath the needle panel to collect all the excess trimmed cloth and keep your working area clean.
  • Trimming Blade is a cutter attached beside the needle to cut the cloth just with the hemmed area neatly.
  • Needle Threader is a special feature that might help you automatically thread the eye of the needle. If you are tired of putting the thread in the eye of the needle, it is a heavenly feature for you.

I hope you have learned about all the features that might support you in a preferable secure serging experience. You can choose any of the above-given pro serging machines to fulfill your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Concluding Remarks

I hope you have all the information to select the best serger sewing machines per your requirement. Whether you are a beginner, first-time user, regular user, enthusiast, or commercial user, there is a suitable recommendation in this above review. See you again with some more information to make your shopping happy.

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